Summer Food Service Program waivers utilized to promote social distancing

Non-congregate Feeding waiver - Expired. Not available.

This waiver allowed for the consumption of meals in a non congregate setting. As a result, Program operators utilized curbside pick-up or grab & go methods to distribute meals. Children were able to consume their meals at home. This waiver expired September 30, 2021.

For summer 2022, traditional Summer Food Service Program rules apply.

-All meals served must be received by the child. Parents cannot receive meals for children.

-Lunch will be served no less than 3 hours after breakfast has been served.

-Only one breakfast and lunch may be provided separately to each child per day.

-All meals served must be consumed on-site.

-No part of the meal can be taken from the meal service location.


Parent/Guardian pick-up of meals - Expired. Not avaiable.

This waiver allowed eitther a parents or a guardians to pick up meals from the meal service location and take them home to their children. This waiver expired September 30, 2021.