Summer meals are a great choice!

A typical SFSP breakfast includes a half-cup of fruit or fruit juice, a serving of grain or bread (such as cereal, toast or tortilla), and a half-pint of milk.

A typical SFSP lunch or supper includes an entrée consisting of two ounces of meat or a meat alternate (such as cheese, peanut butter or eggs), a serving of fruit, a vegetable or second fruit, a serving of grain or bread, and a half-pint of milk. SFSP meals may be served hot or cold or a combination of the two.

A typical SFSP snack consists of items from two of the four meal components. For example, sponsors of the Program may choose to serve snack crackers and peanut butter, or 100% fruit juice and sunflower seeds.

Nutrition Tip

It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get the message that your body is getting food. When your brain gets this message, you stop feeling hungry. Encourage fast eaters to slow down to give their brains a chance to get the word.